Home Court Advantage: Former Basketball Player Finds A Bright Future in Henry County

As a high school basketball player, Cory Bennett understood the power of the home court advantage. At the college level, Cory used his full-ride athletic scholarship at the University of Indianapolis to earn a degree in business administration. After graduation, he was ready to head back to his “home court” in Henry County. Family, community, and educational and employment opportunities all factored into this decision.

“We have a big family, and we’re really close. The other thing is the community. I wanted to raise my kids here. We have a great school system,” Cory expressed.

From an employment standpoint, Cory completed an internship with Metaldyne which led to a supervisor position when he graduated from college. A few years later, as Boar’s Head planned to open a new facility in Henry County, Cory took the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this growing company.

Cory is now the Assistant Plant Manager for Boar’s Head and loves working for the 113-year-old company. Moving back to Henry County is a decision he doesn’t regret.

“My wife’s family is also here, so she loves it. We have three kids, and it’s nice having people who will help you out,” he noted. “We have a sense of security. We can go to the store late at night if needed, and we feel safe. It’s a good family environment.”

Cory and his family are part of a group of friends who enjoy going to high school athletic events, even traveling to away games. He is starting to see that support return to his own children, as his son plays youth league football and parents from the high school team come to watch his son’s team. The mutual support helps him realize “we’re all in this together.”

Professionally, Cory sees opportunities on the rise in the Henry County area.

“The tide is turning, and we hope that our plant will offer even more opportunities in the future. We want to be a good partner to the community,” he shared.

In addition to Boar’s Head’s continual growth, another company is opening a factory nearby. For Cory, the area’s employment opportunities are just the beginning. The strong community ties are vital to Henry County’s home court advantage.

“It’s a tight knit community, and if you’re down, people roll up their sleeves, jump in and help out,” Cory said. “Between atmosphere, security, and economic development, this community is really headed in the right direction.”

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