Partnership between RDC and Career Center Designed to Strengthen Workforce

Henry County’s Redevelopment Commission (RDC) recently made an important investment in economic development. The investment wasn’t in land or infrastructure. Rather, the investment was in the future workforce for the area.

The Commission approved an annual contribution of $30,000 to the New Castle Career Center. This three-year agreement will help the Center purchase equipment to help train students and enhance the skills of the area’s workforce.

“This partnership allows the Career Center to remain relevant to industry needs by having the funding to purchase equipment for career center students to experience what they will see in local facilities when working in a career after high school,” explained Chris Lamb, Director of the New Castle Career Center.

This agreement is just one way that the Career Center partners with area businesses.

“Students train on up-to-date equipment that is often provided by generous donations from local businesses. Our partners involved in each of our programs’ advisory committees provide recommendations for the type of equipment needed,” Lamb noted.

During the three-year grant partnership, the Career Center will also work with the EDC to identify needs for employers in the county when purchasing new equipment for training. This will help provide employers with a pool of potential applicants who have relevant job skills to meet their employment needs. New Castle Career Center is dedicated to Henry County by providing a trained workforce to fill local high-wage and high-demand job positions.

“We are happy to meet with other organizations and businesses to discuss training partnerships that are mutually beneficial,” Lamb shared. “Additionally, any business or industry leader interested in serving on one of our advisory committees should contact the career center office. These committees guide curriculum to meet industry needs, advise on student projects, and guide the programs on expansion and equipment purchases.”

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