‘Friendly Nature’ of Henry County Leads Stacey Tolle Home

Stacey Tolle is no stranger to life in Henry County. Graduating from New Castle Chrysler High in 2004, there’s no denying she’s a small-town girl. Stacey attended Indiana University and received a degree in Mathematic Education, which she puts to good use teaching mathematics at New Castle Middle School.

Stacey uprooted and moved to North Carolina for two years to accommodate her husband’s deployment with the United States Army. During Zach’s deployment, they put serious thought into where they wanted to settle down. The answer was very clear that Henry County was the place for them. Already teaching at New Castle, Stacey knew she wasn’t going to find home anywhere else. Her students and the staff she was working alongside were simply irreplaceable.

“I love the small-town feel and friendly nature of Henry County,” Stacey shared. “I really enjoy attending extra curricular activities and seeing current and former students do what they love.”

Now in her eighth year as a math teacher at New Castle Middle School, Stacey has had the opportunity to meet and form relationships with many different students and staff members. She would love to see New Castle grow and have new families join the community.

Stacey wants anyone considering coming home to Henry County to embrace one thing- “Step outside of your comfort zone and get involved whether at work or outside of your job. It is a great way to meet new people and to get to know your community.”

-Story Contributed by Morgan Weaver

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