Stay True to Your Roots: Miranda Heinold Comes Home

Coming from a small community, Miranda Heinold knew leaving to attend the University of Indianapolis would make a significant impact on her life. Little did she know just how large that impact would be. Everyone around her told her how great college would be, the connections she made would develop her career, and the friendships would last a lifetime. The statement they kept reiterating though, was to stay true to your roots. Miranda kept that thought in the back of her mind.

During her time at the University of Indianapolis Miranda met Chase, who is now her husband. They tied the knot surrounded by all the people that they love and cherish the most- which were the same people who stood by Miranda as she graduated from Shenandoah High School. After the wedding, they resided in Valparaiso, IN and quickly built a community around themselves. Soon they became heavily involved in church, work, and friendships.

Every other month, Miranda and Chase would make a trip back to Henry County to visit their friends and family. When it came time to leave, they always felt like they were leaving a piece of themselves behind. They continued to pray that God would give them a sign if/when they were supposed to move back home.

“My parents engrained into my mind that to be successful in business you must be loyal, trustworthy, and do the right thing,” Miranda explained. “Henry County is a community that truly values the reputation of people that surround you each day.”

After their first child was born in July 2018, they finally received the sign. Both Miranda and Chase were given opportunities within their careers that moved them closer to Henry County. Miranda works with Human Resources at Paycor, and her husband is a District Manager for Aldi Grocery Store.

Miranda was told to stay true to her roots, and she has done just that. Even though she left a while, she knew she would find her way back home.

“It’s honoring to be back home,” noted Miranda. “Become rooted in a community that aligns with your values, and I promise the impact you will make one day will be everlasting.”

Story contribution by Morgan Weaver.

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