Making the Best Use of an Intern

During peak season, the workload can at times get overwhelmingly busy. Hiring additional staff members isn’t always the best option for your business. There’s another alternative: hiring an intern. Deciding to bring an intern onto your team can be a significant commitment. If you utilize their skillset to your advantage, however, they can be a blessing to your business.

The stereotypical intern would spend their days stapling papers and filing billing statements. While these types of tasks may comprise some of their workload, there are better ways to use the time and resources of an intern. Utilizing an intern’s enthusiasm and newly gained knowledge to help with industry-specific tasks will take work off of your plate and give them real-world experience.

“Like any new employee, their skills and energy need to be focused. The best way to do that is to put together projects that best utilize their skillset and mentors them, as well as helps your business at the same time,” explained Vaughn Reid III, CEO Vital Computing. Vital Computing has an established intern program and has worked with several interns during their 20 years of operation.

Preparing a game plan for your intern before hiring them would provide your business with a best-case scenario. Decide whether you want them working on a single specific project or on daily tasks within the office. Once you have decided what you would like for them to accomplish while working with your business, provide clear instructions about tasks and details regarding what is expected of them.

Knowing what to do with an intern can be tricky, but not impossible. Once you figure out how they can help your business, they will feel like a breath of fresh air. To start your intern search, visit

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