Danielle Houser Finds The Best of Both Worlds

Danielle Houser vividly remembers riding bikes and playing outside with her friends as a young child. She never felt worried about her surroundings, because she knew her community was safe and welcoming to everyone. This is one of many reasons why Danielle has continued to call Henry County home after college graduation.

Following high school, Danielle continued her studies at Ball State where she majored in education. She then received her master’s degree in human resources from Indiana Wesleyan. It was important to Danielle that she have a career where she would have the opportunity to help others. Her drive to help others led her to accept a job as the Human Resources Manager for GEO Secure Services.

“Every day brings a new and exciting opportunity to provide services that create a positive change in our local community,” Danielle explained.

Outside of work, Danielle enjoys being a part of the Henry County community. She has served as a business representative for the Downtown Christmas Walk and volunteered with organizations like Victory Lane. Danielle continues to try and make a positive impact in keeping her community safe and welcoming.

“I enjoy the small town feel of Henry County, with the local farmers market and thriving potential for businesses,” continued Danielle. “Life in Henry County is the best of both worlds- there are local attractions for entertainment, a community that supports family, and a beautiful countryside view to go home to.”

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