Henry County Commissioners heard about upcoming events and more

The Henry County Commissioners met Wednesday morning. The commissioners heard from different organizations and learned about upcoming events.

The meeting started with commissioner Bobbi Plummer reading a previous article from The Courier-Times about Telecommunicator Appreciation Week. The article goes over how citizens can show appreciation for Henry County Emergency Services 911 and Middletown Telecommunicators.

Sunday starts 911 Telecommunicator Appreciation Week
To show your appreciation to local emergency dispatchers, you can send an email to dispatch@henrycounty.in.gov.

Board of Finance Meeting
The Board of Finance had its yearly board finance meeting during the commissioners’ meeting. Board of Finance member and Henry County Treasurer Bill Upchurch told the commissioners that the board needed a president. Commissioner Steve Dellinger was elected President. The board also was in need of a Treasurer; Upchurch was elected Treasurer of the Board of Finance.

Upchurch informed the board about interest rates being “in the toilet.” Upchurch recommended that the county stays where they are with investments at until something changes. The board approved this recommendation

EDC Update
Corey Murphy, President of the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), informed the commissioners that the EDC’s annual meeting will take place on May 11 at WG Smith Auditorium.

Murphy also asked for a volunteer from the commissioners to be a part of Henry County’s wayfinding committee. The committee is pursuing county-wide signage. The committee currently consists of Murphy and two members from the city and county councils. Commissioner Ed Tarantino volunteered to represent the commissioners.

Murphy also offered the EDC’s help with the next steps of the Food & Beverage funds that were recently approved.

Henry County Bicentennial Celebration
Scott Frost and Carrie Barrett talked about some updates with the plans for the bicentennial events. A Henry County passport will be available at 30 different sponsors starting Friday, April 15.

The passport will be able to be filled out with stamps at different historical sites around the county. Frost hopes this gets citizens moving around Henry County.

On June 4, there will be a torch run throughout all 13 townships in Henry County. The county’s time capsule opening will also be on June 4. More information on both events will be available at a later date.

The Henry County Knockout event will be on June 25 during the inaugural Hoopla Festival. The Bicentennial Committee is trying to break a world record for the largest game of knockout and need 701 participants to take part in June. The event will be sponsored by the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever.

For more information on the event, visit https://www.hoopsinhenry.com/.

Chamber of Commerce
Shonda Kane of the Chamber of Commerce spoke about their upcoming Career Day May 6. She plans to have 50 businesses set up for students of Henry County to learn more about different trades that are available to them and will have hands-on experiences for them.

If your business is interested in participating, call (765) 529-5210.

The Chamber of Commerce also has two vacant seats on their board and are looking for new board members who would like to be more involved with the Chamber of Commerce and become a Chamber member.

Henry County Emergency Services
Mandy Fleming and Lucas Raines from Henry County EMS came to the meeting to get approval to apply for a grant for bariatric patients. A bariatric patient is a patient with body mass index (BMI) that is equal to or greater than 30. The deadline for the grant is April 24.

The commissioners gave the Henry County Emergency Services approval to apply for the grant.

Opening Bids for Annex Building
The commissioners received two bids for the County Annex Building on S. 12th Street in New Castle. The first bid was from an architecture company that is interested in moving to New Castle. They offered $22,100 for the Annex Building.

The second bid came from Preserve Henry County. They offered $24,000 and plan to restore the exterior of the building and have the inside ready for new opportunities.

The commissioners agree to take these proposals under advisement.

Disposal of Worthless Property
Henry County updated their computer systems and currently has computer monitors that are considered “worthless property.”

The board passed a resolution to let Henry County workers take monitors if they want, since it will be cheaper to give the equipment away than to dispose of them. After some time, county citizens will also be able to take a monitor if there are some still available.

Disposal of Surplus Property
The commissioners also approved a request from the City of New Castle to take two toilets and two sinks from the former Henry County Sheriff’s Office and Jail for future projects.

Other Business
The commissioners approved Pro Lawn Maintenance LLC to maintain the courthouse’s yard. The total price will be $1,810.

Byron Patrick retired after 35 years service to the Henry County Sheriff’s Department and asked the commissioners if he could buy his service weapon. The commissioners agreed.

The commissioners approved for Baker Tilly to continue to help with annual budgeting. Baker Tilly charge hourly.

County Council member Susan Huhn informed the commissioners that she would like to be replaced on the county’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) committee.

The commissioners are working with Ivy Tech Community College to see if they would be interested in taking ownership of the building they currently use in New Castle until they plan to no longer use it. At that time, the building would then go back to the county ownership.

If Ivy Tech agrees, the county would no longer have to maintain the building while Ivy Tech uses it.

– Story by Haley Segarra Torres (HTorres@TheCourierTimes.comof The Courier-Times. Read more local stories at TheCourierTimes.com.