Survey About Childcare Is Underway

Talk with any employer today and the discussion quickly shifts to workforce. Locally, the New Castle-Henry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is collaborating with other community partners to explore how access to childcare impacts the local workforce, and in turn, economic development.

“Access to high-quality childcare is a necessity for long-term community prosperity,” shared Corey Murphy, President of the EDC. “This issue impacts workforce participation, equality, and entrepreneurship.  It also positively impacts long-term educational attainment for the children receiving the care.”

Uncovering Henry County’s Child Care Needs

The EDC, with funding from the Henry County Community Foundation, has commissioned regional firm Stratavize to take a two-pronged approach to uncovering the childcare need of residents. They will conduct and analyze a survey for employers, employees, and community members. Stratavize will also facilitate discussions with employers on how, or if, access to local, reliable, and affordable childcare is impacting the workforce.

The Henry County Employer & Employee Childcare Needs Survey, which will only take five minutes to complete, will be available until November 20.