Work-Ready Community

Measuring valuable skills

Through a partnership with ACT® Work Ready Communities, Henry County has a process to measure and close the skills gap. ACT® brings its extensive experience in knowledge evaluation to the workforce. The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™) helps job seekers gain credentials for workplace skills and provides employers with assessment tools for prospective and current employees. Participants can obtain the NCRC™ by taking three WorkKeys assessments: Applied Math, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. These assessments are given at no charge through the local WorkOne office, located inside the New Castle-Henry County Public Library, 376 S. 15th Street, New Castle. Assessments are available at other offices of WorkOne in nearby communities.

A simple online form begins the registration process for employers. WorkOne can connect employers with job profiling tools to assist with the application and selection process. Assessments available through ACT® can be an additional tool for internal promotions. Many employers see a reduction in turnover and cost savings through participating in the ACT® Work Ready program.

Employers: Please consider supporting our effort to have Henry County certified and register as a supporting employer. Click here to complete the simple online form.

We encourage you to explore the many services offered through ACT and WorkOne. For example, please consider:

• Preferring the NCRC and including it in your job postings/advertisements
• Profiling entry level positions and then requiring WorkKeys Assessments as part of the application process.
• Using the assessments as an additional tool for internal promotions.

Please check out employer testimonials and case studies. Many employers cite reduced turn-over and cost savings as reasons for participating.

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