Simulator Purchased from EDC & RDC Grant Prepares Students for Real-World Situations

New Castle Career Center recently acquired a Multiple Interactive Learning Objectives (MILO) simulator for the Criminal Justice and Public Safety programs. The New Castle Henry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the Redevelopment Commission (RDC) provided the funding for the simulator.

The MILO system is a computer-based portable training simulator that projects life-sized scenarios onto an 8-foot by 20-foot screen. The technology involved in the simulator resembles an oversized video game, and the tools used with the simulators resemble a laser pointer.  

More than 850 scenarios are preloaded into the system, including traffic stops, complex mental health crisis interventions, and domestic conflicts. These emotionally immersive role-playing scenarios have branching decision trees. Students can exercise every facet of their training: fine-tuning their presence, verbal communication skills, and de-escalation strategies to force options when necessary. 

“Students working in a MILO scenario face open-ended problems with many possible complications and outcomes. The instructor running the simulation can adapt the scenario in real-time, responding to the student’s actions and decisions,” shared Don Showalter, Criminal Justice Instructor. Showalter recently completed the one-day training for the MILO simulator along with Bill Hufford, EMT, and public Safety Instructor.  

Throughout every scenario using the MILO simulator, the instructor can make adjustments to hone both individual and interdependent aspects of a student’s judgment, situational awareness, and de-escalation skills. Students implement their de-escalation, communication, and force options skills during the simulation process. Each scenario-based exercise helps trainees build up their mental endurance, remain in the conversation, and maintain calm in intense situations.

The simulator will be used throughout the time New Castle Career Center students are in the Criminal Justice Program. Students will be learning the different aspects of Criminal Justice including police, courts, and corrections. In all aspects of the program, the students will be using the simulator as if they were working on the street as a patrol officer, working inside the courtroom, or in a corrections atmosphere. The students will also be able to use the experiences in their personal lives in dealing with other students and family members in crisis situations.

“We are so fortunate to have the EDC and RDC’s support for equipment,” expressed Mackenzie Jackson, New Castle Career Center Director. “Adding this simulator will help students with skills and increase the program enrollment in a high-demand industry for our region.”

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– Story provided by New Castle Career Center and used with permission.