Henry County Businesses Urged to Prepare for Solar Eclipse: Public Meeting is Jan. 9

April 8 will be a big day in Henry County. The Henry County Office of Emergency Management (EMA), Henry County Health Department, and New Castle-Henry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) are urging the community and local businesses to be ready for the effects of the 2024 Solar Eclipse on Henry County.

Thousands of people are expected to travel to Indiana to witness the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Henry County, which is located on the path of totality, will be a popular destination for these visitors. The partial eclipse will begin in Henry County at 1:50 PM, and the total eclipse will start at 3:06 PM and last for approximately three minutes.

This is a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to capitalize on the event. However, it is essential to be informed and prepared. The Henry County EMA, Health Department, and EDC will discuss eclipse preparations, planning, and safety details at an upcoming public meeting.

The public meeting will be held from 7 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, January 9, to discuss preparations for the influx of solar eclipse visitors and traffic. Business owners, event planners, city and county workers, and anyone planning to participate in an eclipse event or be open during the eclipse are encouraged to attend the meeting. The meeting will be in the Old Circuit Courtroom on the second floor of the Henry County Courthouse, 101 S. Main Street in New Castle.

Here are some important preliminary notes about the solar eclipse in Henry County:

  • All Henry County schools will be closed on April 8.
  • Major road work will be limited on April 8, and main traffic thoroughfares will be congested and slow down traffic.
  • All Indiana State and County Parks are at full capacity for April 8 (and some surrounding days).
  • Hotels will be at full capacity.
  • Fuel consumption will be high; please plan accordingly.
  • Wreckers and fuel stations will be in high demand.
  • Local rental spaces could be used for revenue and many are already booked.
  • Local restaurants/grocery stores may be depleted of all staple goods; please plan accordingly.
  • Port-a-potties will be in high demand, and public restrooms could be overwhelmed.

Here are some preliminary recommendations for businesses, vendors, and anyone participating in the eclipse:

  • Be wary of vendors trying to sell you overpriced or counterfeit goods.
  • Due to the expected traffic congestion, plan to stay in the area for several hours after the eclipse.
  • Plan for high traffic and have a plan for “walk-in traffic.”
  • Have approved eye protection available for staff and customers.
  • Educate family, friends, and customers about eye injury risks from looking directly at the sun.
  • Plan ahead by having extra fuel, food, and water on hand.

Companies and organizations that are planning eclipse events, please complete the form on this page to be included in Henry County Destination Development promotional efforts: https://www.hoopsinhenry.com/eclipse/

Resources for preparation:
Henry County Preparation Guide: DOWNLOAD HERE

From the State of Indiana- https://www.in.gov/dhs/solar-eclipse-2024/eclipse-101/

From Visit Indiana (Tourism)- https://www.visitindiana.com/eclipse2024/watch-in-indiana/