Thanksgiving Greetings

The Henry County community is a gem – full of opportunity.  The purpose of this blog is to shine a light on the positives in our community. It is not advocating rose colored glasses but to encourage continued investment in our community’s assets and strengths.  Our county is unique and authentic. The list below is not comprehensive and I invite you to think about your favorite aspects of our community.

Visitor & Resident activities: Wilbur Wright Birthplace, New Castle Motorsports Park, Henry County Saddle Club are both worth the drive and telling your out of town friends about.

Henry County YMCA: The modest membership investment is worth the wide array of activities available nearly every day of the year. Swimming in January, need I say more?

Trails: The Wilbur Wright Trail is beautiful. New phases are in the works and the bike/pedestrian plan in New Castle is encouraging.

Basketball Heritage: This is a great conversation piece and marketing tool. We’re home to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, the world’s largest high school gymnasium and Knightstown is home to the “Hickory Huskers.”

Transportation Network: We’re blessed with interstate access and highway infrastructure to reach the world and attract people from nearby communities.

Recreation: Memorial Park, Westwood, Summit Lake, Dietrich Park and the new Skate Park.

Education: Have you checked out the New Castle Career Center? This award winning program helps demonstrate to businesses that we have an available pipeline of future talent.

New Castle/Henry County Public Library: The physical facility is simply amazing. The programming and outreach is even better.

Local Leadership: The cooperative spirit among city, county and private sector leadership is commendable. Effective local leadership is a competitive advantage for community and economic development.

People: friendly, welcoming, helpful.

-Corey Murphy

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  1. When people list our wonderful attractions they always fail to mention the fabulous Henry County Historical Society Gen William Gross Museum and Genealogical Library. We have visitors from all over world.

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