Increase Employee Retention with this Valuable Tool

Low unemployment in the area is great news… unless you’re an employer struggling with continual employee turnover. At the New Castle-Henry County EDC, we have a tool to help you with your retention strategy: Job Profiling through ACT WorkKeys.

This nationally proven job profile program provides employers with countless benefits as it brings the specifics of a job into focus.

“ACT WorkKeys has saved money,” shared Nikki Rodgers, a 911 communications coordinator from South Carolina. “The cost of the revolving door—hiring, training, letting people go—is much higher than hiring the right people with the right skills to begin with. In fact, the revolving door has stopped.”

A job profile provides employers with:

  • A detailed, customized task list—This is the first step in developing a comprehensive job description, training materials, performance appraisal instruments, and other human resources tools.
  • A personalized content validity report—The report contains detailed rationale linking job tasks to ACT WorkKeys skill levels.
  • Useful information for hiring, promotion, and training—Job profiling establishes content validity for the ACT WorkKeys assessments, so you can feel confident using them to make selection, advancement, and training decisions.
  • Employee support—Employees actively participate in the job profiling process, increasing the likelihood for buy-in and goodwill.

There are 4 key steps to ACT job profiling

Step 1: Initial task list—The profiler creates a task list using national job data and information collected from a company contact person and a tour of the job site.

Step 2: Task analysis—The profiler meets with workers to customize the task list. The job experts rate each task for importance to ensure the tasks are critical to performance of the job.

Step 3: Skill analysis—The profiler helps employees’ link job tasks to ACT WorkKeys skills and skill levels.

Step 4: Documentation—The profiler documents the results in a customized content validity report.

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Learn more about the ACT Work Ready Program here:

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