Why Hire an Intern?

Do you ever feel like you could use an extra hand around the office, but don’t have the budget to hire another employee? There’s a simple solution to this dilemma… hire an intern. Many students are looking for work experience and would be thrilled for the opportunity to work for your organization.

Your company can experience several benefits by hiring an intern. Interns can bring fresh energy to your team, new ideas, and an all-around different perspective. Additionally, interns understand that they are employed for a limited time and generally understand that tasks are time sensitive.

If you’re considering hiring an intern but aren’t completely sold on taking the plunge, here are a few additional reasons they could be an asset to your team:

1. Gain additional help for an affordable cost.
-They can assist with special projects you’re working on.
-Interns can come alongside projects you’re struggling to complete.
-Gain assistance covering maternity leave/medical leave by hiring an intern.

2. Find valuable long-term employees.
-There’s always the option to hire an intern permanently after their internship is over.
-They already have experience rather than starting fresh with someone new.

3. Get a fresh perspective on your business.
-Interns bring a different mindset that reflects their generational niche.
-Often times ideas that you might have overlooked or not considered, an intern might bring to the table.
-Because they are new to the workforce, interns can have eagerness to get work done!

4. Support students/new graduates within your industry.
-It’s always good to help young professionals grow within the industry that you built a business in. It also establishes you as reputable and credible in your industry.

5. Develop a new advocate for your business.
-Consider bringing on an intern for assistance in covering networking events.
-Interns can serve as someone in the industry who knows the best types of clients to refer to you.

If your business is ready to bring an intern onto the team, visit IndianaIntern.net to get started!

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