What’s Happening In Henry County? Tourism Efforts Launch Calendar, Begin Using New Name

Henry County’s tourism efforts continue to progress, most recently with the launch of a new calendar system. Residents and tourists alike can now find many of the county’s destination events at the website henrycountyin.org.

The website features area attractions along with a searchable, detailed event calendar. A print version of the calendar was also published in the July 1 issue of the Courier-Times. 

The calendar is intended to be a way to share information about travel-worthy activities in the area. These activities include concerts, festivals, markets, and more. The calendar will not include regular meetings and smaller activities designed specifically for residents. There may be an opportunity to incorporate those events in another way at a later date. 

Groups who have not received a registration link who would like to list destination events on the page can send an email to info@growinhenry.com. Those who upload events to the online calendar will need to have access to a computer and internet service to use the system. 

In addition to the calendar, the Tourism Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the Economic Development Corporation board, initiated a name change for the entity assuming responsibility for the daily activities of tourism. The organization formerly known as Henry County Convention & Visitors Bureau will now be known as Henry County Destination Development. 

“The new name coincides with the state’s new name and initiatives centered around tourism and talent attraction,” noted Murphy.  Henry County Destination Development is working with a brand champion team composed of local residents. The team is working to solidify a community brand which will launch with an updated website later this year. The group is currently seeking speaking engagements to share with community organizations about the advancements in tourism efforts since the beginning of 2021. To request a presentation, please contact the Economic Development Office at 765-521-7402 with meeting information.