Saddle Club had nearly $5 mil in local economic impact in 2023

Henry County Saddle Club (HCSC) President Rebecca Baker updated county elected officials this month on the many things the saddle club accomplished last year.

The HCSC is wrapping up construction of the new Jordan Arena, a $300,000 project funded through Henry County Food and Beverage tax money, as well as saddle club contributions.

“The new arena has been started and weather permitting, it will be completed at the end of January,” Baker told local elected officials.

The saddle club was the site of 87 days of events. The total economic impact of those events was $4,963,286, according to Baker’s report.

Baker reported 36,009 visitor days among 10,618 unique visitors, with 3,123 horse stalls and 3,658 total stalls with tack in 2023.

In 2023, the saddle club made another $13,290 in ground improvements, including: new restroom flooring; replacing pipes in the mens restroom; adding seven additional waterlines for camping; replacing four utility poles with new line; purchasing 36 LED lights for replacement in the Jordan Arena and A Arena; purchasing new manure pad; replacing the makeup arena; and buying more than 400 tons of sand for the arenas.

Saddle club volunteers gave 2,296 hours to the HCSC last year.

Baker said the club also provided $28,824 in maintenance and repairs to the facility in 2023.

She estimated the HCSC provided $23,570 of in-kind donations to the Henry County 4-H Association, including 15 days of work sessions and shows.

The HCSC awarded $1,500 in scholarships last year, as well.

The Henry County Saddle Club rented the County Road 100 N facility 73 times in 2023. Other show managements, not including exhibitors and families, rented the facility 176 nights last year.

2024 schedule

Jan. 13: United Professional Horseman

Feb. 3: United Professional Horseman

March 16: Ranch/Reining Clinic

March 30: Tommy Sheets Trail Clinic

March 30-31: IN Whippet Racing Cardinal Field

April 13-14: 10 a.m. annual membership cleanup/volunteer days

April 19-21: American Shetland Pony Club & IN Small Equine Association

April 27-28: IN Pinto

May 4-5: IN Ponies of America

May 4-5: IN Whippet Racing Cardinal Field

May 17-19: Hoosier Palomino

May 25-26: IN Ponies of America

May 29-Jun 2: HCSC AQHA Indy Circuit Kelsey Tumey Memorial Show

June 8-9: Henry County 4H Horse & Pony Open Show

June 14-16: POAC Nationals East World Show

June 20-23: IN Quarter Horse State Show

July 5-7: American Shetland Pony Club & IN Small Equine Association

July 11-13: IN Celebration Walking Horse NWHA Regional Show

July 15-17: Henry County Saddle Club Membership & 4H Clinic Camp

July 18-19: Henry County 4H Horse & Pony Fair

July 20: Henry County Saddle Club Mini Riders 10:00 am

July 27-28: Merrill McBride Memorial Show

Aug. 3-4: IN Pinto

Aug. 9-11: IQHAA Summer AQHA Show

Aug. 16-18: IN Ponies of America

Aug. 22-25: HCSC AQHA Fall Fling

Aug 31- Sept. 1: Hoosier Palomino

Sept. 6-8: IN Ponies of America

Sept. 13-15: IQHAA Amateur AQHA Fall Show

Sept. 20-22: IN Pinto Hoosier Classic

Sept. 20-22: IN Whippet Racing Cardinal Field

Oct. 4-6: IN Pinto Fall Finale

Oct. 11-13: American Shetland Pony Club & IN Small Equine Association

Oct. 11-13: IN Whippet Racing Cardinal Field

Oct. 18-19: Midwest Hackney Sale

2024 board of directors and officers

Rebecca Baker is the 2024 HCSC President, Lisa Pryor is Vice President, Kathy Johnson is Secretary and Joy Miller is Treasurer.

The HCSC Board of Directors is made of Cindy Atkinson (2024-2027), Cheryl Unversaw (2024-2027), Jim Wicker (2022-2025), Angie Gibson (2022-2025), Ruthie Miller (2023-2026), Leah Smalley (2023-2026) and Past President Nancy Dietz.

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