‘Crowning Achievements’

When people in New Zealand and Australia discuss “crowns,” they’re not always talking royal figures, luxury hotels or dental procedures. Often what they are referring to are forklifts. Forklifts made by a certain company. A company that has literally given a much-needed lift to the local economy and added a new chapter to a […]

Building Rock-Solid Relationships in Japan

Banjaku. That’s the word heard in a meeting between Japan and Indiana representatives, describing the relationship between Japan and the United States, specifically Indiana. Translated it means “solid as a rock,” and nurturing this solid relationship led EDC Director Corey Murphy to visit Japan along with several other leaders from […]

Location, location, location quotient

There are new manufacturing jobs coming to East Central Indiana and they are literally putting food on the table. New Castle-Henry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) President and CEO Corey Murphy said Henry County and the surrounding areas are becoming a hot bed of agricultural business, or agribusiness. Agribusiness isn’t limited […]

Home Court Advantage: Former Basketball Player Finds A Bright Future in Henry County

As a high school basketball player, Cory Bennett understood the power of the home court advantage. At the college level, Cory used his full-ride athletic scholarship at the University of Indianapolis to earn a degree in business administration. After graduation, he was ready to head back to his “home court” […]