Jack’s Donuts Ah-Ha Moment

Jack “Lee” Marcum, III was born with a donut in his hand. The third-generation owner of Jack’s Donuts grew up around the delectable treats created by his father and his grandfather before him. While Jack’s Donuts is approaching sixty years of supplying New Castle with traditional donut products, the youngest Marcum launched a new era for the company.

Jack Marcum, Sr. founded Jack’s Donuts in 1961 and passed the business down to Jack Marcum, Jr. in 1977. In 2002, Lee Marcum (hereafter referred to as “Marcum”) began managing the store for his father.

“I was never forced to take this role, but I fell in love with the business in my early 20s,” noted Marcum.

This love became a passion when there was a possibility the business might be sold to someone other than him. This “ah-ha” moment prompted Lee Marcum to step into an ownership role.

“It broke my heart to even think about how (at the time) my future children would not be able to work at Jack’s,” Marcum remembered.

In 2009 he purchased the business from his dad and within two years he began to see a larger vision for the company.

“I felt we had a strong product and brand that could be franchised and be successful in other markets,” he shared.

Alongside Chief Brand Officer and fellow New Castle native David Nantz, Lee Marcum grew the small company to a national company in the last seven years. In addition to franchising, Jack’s Donuts added a popular coffee line and continues to diversify its donut offerings.

Marcum has this advice for new entrepreneurs: “Adapt to change quickly, and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know is the right thing to do.”

Fortunately for all local entrepreneurs, we have Henry County Creates.

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For Marcum, his plans for Jack’s are just beginning.

“I only have two genuine loves in my life- my family and this company,” Marcum III stated. “The love I have for this business is 100% real, and I will do everything I can do get a Jack’s donut or coffee in the hands of every person on this planet.”

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  1. Just one of the many stories in the donut shop, { my favorite} While having my usual donut & coffee before crossing 14th St. to open the barber shop at 8 O: clock one morning. Ernie Mendenhall & I were setting next to each other jawing with Jack while he was making pretzels all of a once Ernie yells out Jack you are going to have to do something about these roaches in here I just saw one run out from under the counter & grab a mouse by the throat & pull him back under the counter. Dead silence then everyone about fell off of their stool laughing. One of many fun times & memories of “JACK’S FAMOUS DONUT SHOP”. Marcum’s thanks for allowing me to share my memories with your family./////////////// TRUE STORY not April fools

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