KDC Investments Announces Flex Building Project in Knightstown

As Knightstown, Indiana, continues to grow and attract small business owners and entrepreneurs, there is a need for operational space. Many currently work out of garages, home office spaces, or communal business buildings. The problem is clear: small business owners simply need more room as they continue to grow.

KDC Investments, Inc. has developed a solution for those who have outgrown their current space. The first phase of a development project is underway that will offer two speculative (shell) buildings that can be divided into eight units. The buildings are 60’ wide x 60’ deep, totaling 3,600 square feet. There is an option to split the building if the occupant only needs 1,800 sq. ft.

“I frequently talk to small business owners and entrepreneurs that work out of their garage or an old storefront,” Bob Guyton, KDC Investments, explained. “Continuously I hear that they are looking for a newer building with all of the amenities.

These buildings are designed specifically for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and light industrial users. The shell buildings are located at 253 W. Morgan St., Knightstown, IN, near the CVS Pharmacy. The building will be ready for occupancy this summer.

KDC Investments, Inc. already has plans for a second phase comprised of two additional shell buildings. For more information on the buildings, or for those interested in purchasing a space, contact Guyton at Bob.Guyton@CFHCompanies.com.

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